Delaware Bike Polo Hardcourt bike polo in Delaware


if anyone in delaware wants to set up polo

hit me up in comments here, or see me at the urban bike project.

we really gotta get something going, at least like one day a week to start.



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check it out


ESPI VI (bikepolo tournament) in Philadelphia – June 11-12, 2011

"...i am proud to announce Philadelphia as the host of ESPI VI..."

They need volunteers and Delaware should most certainly send a team to this tournament.

Follow the discussion here:


We haven’t played in a while…

There has been a lot of snow/nasty weather, UD winter session was in effect, and UBP is getting a remodel. Trevor stopped by the Heart of Darkness one night...

snowy heart of darkness

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New Rink to Play On!

After putting in a maintenance request, the University of Delaware has fixed the street lights on the roller hockey rink at South College and Delaware Ave. This rink is awesome, smooth surface, curved corners, and an 8 inch strip of metal running around the entire base of the fence. Makes for some great bounce passes!

Known as the heart of darkness after playing there while half the court was dark until the street lights were fixed. The pee wee soccer kids taking over the other rink has actually worked out in our favor!


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Bikepolo in Wilmington!

Thats right...after months of playing bike polo in Newark, Delaware under the name Wilmington Bike Polo, we finally will be back in wilmington where we belong. The game is set for this Sunday at the tennis court on Race street behind the Urban Bike Project.

Afterwards there will be a volunteer event to help clean up the bike project with all its grease and rusty bike parts laying about.

Here are the dirty details...
What: Bike polo and volunteer at the shop
When: 11/28/10 9:30a
Where: 1908 N. Market St (park out back, tennis court is down the street)

See you there!

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Play Date anyone?

Wilmington Bike Polo is thinking of opening up another day to play. We currently play in Newark, DE every tuesday around 7pm. I am thinking a Saturday at 10am would be fun and feasible for everyone.
Comment on this post with your suggestions.

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Game Photos from 10/19

Thanks to Spencer Schargorodski for the awesome game photos!

bike polo action shot

bike polo

bike polo

bike polo

bike polo

bike polo

bike polo

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polo in recent news!

UD Review Story

New sport combines bikes, polo mallets

by Isabella Livia

UD Review Photo

photo by Spencer Schargorodski

"Players raced around in the hockey court in the Kent parking lot, trash talking, swinging their mallets and bumping their bike wheels into each other while trying to hit a little red ball into the goal. Their challenge wasn't just to make a goal, but to balance their weight with one hand on the handlebars while the other tightly griped the mallet.

The cyclists are part of the Wilmington Bike Polo league, an experimental sports team. Sam Richeson, the founder of the group, says he got the initial idea for bike polo after he was surfing the Internet and came across videos of cyclists playing the game in Philadelphia.

"I watched some videos and they looked really stupid at the time, but I decided to try it out," Richeson says.

Every Tuesday, he and his friends try to go out during the evenings for a game. The game of bike polo is played in teams of two versus two or in teams of three versus three. It begins with a joust, where the bikers are stationed on opposite sides of the court, with their mallets firmly grasped in their hands. Once they get the start signal from the referee on the sidelines, the players race from their respective sides toward the ball in the center of the court.

Bike bumping is acceptable as long as the moves aren't too aggressive. Although trash talking is prevalent, it is all in good fun. The games usually last approximately 15 minutes, but the game is not finished until one of the teams reaches a total of five points, Richeson says.

He says purposefully crashing a bike into another bike is not allowed. Neither is using hands to push or grab another person or person's bike.

"Mallets can be dangerous, so no swinging like a bat," he says.

The mallets look like croquet mallets, but are made out of recycled materials, which include old aluminum ski poles and plastic piping. A hole is drilled through the side of the piping to attach the pole. Shots on goal will only count if the ball is hit with the narrow end of the mallet, Richeson says.

If players hit the ball with the wide end of the mallet, or in bike polo terms, "shuffle," then the shot is not counted, Richeson says. He contends that such rules are simple, yet important to the playing of the game.

For instance, the "foot-down" rule comes into effect when a player lets their foot touch the ground while the ball is in play. The player must then return to half-court and tap their mallet to reenter. However, Richeson says this rule gets disregarded for first timers since trying to balance a mallet and the bike is challenging enough.

Along with his friends, Richeson has traveled to Philadelphia to play in the Philadelphia Bicycle Polo league. He says some members of the Wilmington Bike Polo league have also traveled to Atlanta to play in the North American Cycle Courier Championship, a bike polo tournament.

"We lost, but, I mean, we are still the best in Delaware," Richeson says.

Junior Chris Kuhlhafer says he heard about Wilmington Bike Polo by word of mouth and had checked out their Facebook group over the summer.

"I like playing for the friendly competition, sometimes it gets intense," Kuhlhafer says.

Richeson says at the moment, Wilmington Bike Polo is just a pick up league, but he encourages people to check out their Facebook group and come out to play on Tuesdays.

"It brings two of my favorite things together-bikes and friends," he says."

Cool article!

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Trevor’s Polo Bike

Trevor's Polo Bike

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